Yapta’s 2018 CAB Meeting

In late February, we hosted our 5th annual Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting in Tucson, Arizona at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa. The two-day event brought together several of our loyal clients to better understand their current needs, gather feedback on existing products and services, and share delivered enhancements to existing solutions.  This year’s meeting involved a day and a half day of interactive sessions, bookended by opening and closing dinners.

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Among the many discussions that take place during each CAB meeting, we make it a point to establish what major company and travel goals and priorities our clients have for the year. We consistently receive valuable feedback from our members, ensuring we are providing them the right tools to meet these goals.

The top three areas of focus for our CAB members this year are:

-Saving money

-Globalization of their Yapta programs

-Managing ancillary fees


In addition to gathering information around priorities, we also set aside time for “speed networking”, in which pairs of CAB members had the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics amongst themselves, as well as with Yapta’s President & CEO, James Filsinger. It was a fun and interactive way to “break the ice” on day one and allow some quality one-on-one time with James as well.


Each year, we try to incorporate a fun activity on day two so that everyone can have a break and participate in team building. This year’s event included a salsa and guacamole-making contest! All the teams had very tasty recipes (with the exception of a few questionable spices and garnishes) – but a few stood out from the rest and were named the winners.


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Safe to say, CAB 2018 was one for the books and we look forward to putting the members’ feedback into action for our products!