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Yapta Unveils Advanced Performance Data Analytics and Dashboard for Corporate Customers

Airfare & Hotel Price Tracking Leader Puts Next-Generation Intelligence at the Fingertips of Corporate Travel Management


SEATTLE – September 27, 2016 – Yapta, the leading provider of airfare and hotel price tracking services, today introduced next-generation insights andanalytics with “Professional” and “Premium” reporting capabilities for enterprise clients utilizing FareIQ or RoomIQ, Yapta’s intelligent price tracking technologies.

“We’re providing our clients with a sharper lens for examining their hotel and airfare pricing and savings performance across multiple scenarios, and the ability to assess the value they’re seeing from each flight, hotel stay, and supplier partner,” said James Filsinger, President & CEO of Yapta. “In addition, we’ve also listened to our Customer Advisory Board and enhanced our dashboard reporting tool, expanding our analytics for customers to include both Professional and Premium packages.”

Understanding the importance of clear visibility into net savings and detailed performance data, Yapta provides all RoomIQ and FareIQ customers with access to Professional reporting as part of its standard offering. The Professional reporting package provides dynamic, real-time access to overall program and savings performance metrics, including spend tracked, identified and realized savings, and average daily rate (ADR) metrics available for ad-hoc reporting.  All customers also receive automated weekly and monthly email summaries spotlighting spend tracked, realized savings, and visibility into missed savings opportunities.  In addition, the Professional reporting package allows travel managers to benchmark the performance of their price monitoring program against others in the industry.

Yapta’s Professional hotel reporting package for RoomIQ customers provides deeper insights into room rates, spotlighting highly detailed data on every single rate monitored, and allowing users to summarize their data in a number of meaningful ways.  For example, RoomIQ customers can use their Professional reporting capabilities to quickly assess the actual dollar value of common amenities like parking, breakfast, and internet access – or to measure the financial impact of making simple reservation adjustments, like moving from a king sized bed to a queen.  RoomIQ customers also have visibility into whether the lower rates were found within the exact same room type, or whether the traveler booked a superior room, such as a “view” or “club” level room, while a lower standard rate was available.

The Professional airfare reporting package from Yapta offers FareIQ customers an illuminating juxtaposition of negotiated and public fares, and data on key suppliers – including valuable insight on refundable and non-refundable fares, void window savings, and data on both domestic and international flights.

Additionally, Yapta has introduced an enhanced reporting dashboard that features Premium packages for both RoomIQ and FareIQ.

The RoomIQ Premium reporting package provides detailed data by hotel brand or by specific property – offering close examination of negotiated rates compared to public rates, including both fixed market rates and dynamic rates. It also assesses the dollar value of amenities and various room types (i.e. view, superior, club level) summarized by brand and detailed down to the property level.  The RoomIQ Premium reporting package also allows travel managers to assess the value of their negotiations by capturing insights into whether they received discounts on Best Available Rate (BAR) and/or were offered Last Room Availability (LRA).

The Premium reporting package for FareIQ customers also offers a more detailed examination of the performance of negotiated fares relative to public fares – and identifies important pricing trends across airlines, key markets, and class of service.  Data is summarized by supplier, by origin and destination, and by top markets to provide additional leverage when negotiating with suppliers.

Both Premium reporting packages also provide travel managers with the ability to measure the effectiveness of their supplier negotiations, and establish important benchmarks for enhancing future negotiations.

“The insights revealed through our Premium reporting packages are critical to enhancing supplier negotiations, strengthening policy, and most importantly – saving companies money,” Filsinger said.  “We provide very specific data and analytics that allow travel managers to not only have deeper negotiation discussions with suppliers, but to then monitor the success of those negotiations. It’s the transparency that travel managers need to ensure they’re getting the most value from their supplier partners.”

As the only company that provides total trip price assurance, Yapta’s IQ Technology has delivered more than $40 million in airfare and hotel savings to its corporate users.  Companies average a combined savings of $369 per trip by tracking both airfare and hotel prices in tandem.

Companies adopting FareIQ see an opportunity to save on more than 11 percent of all air travel itineraries, with an average identified savings of $260 per ticket.  Any savings identified by FareIQ on behalf of its customers are over and above any airline imposed change fees and agency re-booking fees, ensuring customers see true value to their bottom line.

RoomIQ dynamically monitors U.S. domestic and international hotel bookings across 115 countries, looking for rate reductions at the same hotel.  Once a savings opportunity has been identified, RoomIQ then issues an alert in the local currency.  Companies utilizing RoomIQ are seeing an opportunity to save on approximately 12 percent of all hotel bookings tracked – with an average savings of $109 per booking.  Overall, RoomIQ has helped these companies lower their ADR by 4.7 percent.

Yapta’s products enable travel managers to meet their cost savings goals – saving up to 5% on spend – without impacting the traveler.  Companies using Yapta’s solutions achieve the highest conversion of actual, realized savings because its solutions do not impact the business traveler by constantly changing their hotel or flight itinerary.

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Prices drop. We alert. You save. Yapta’s corporate travel solutions, FareIQ and RoomIQ, enable companies to extend their T&E budgets, boost traveler compliance and attain essential program-specific data. Constantly tracking booked airfares and hotel rooms, Yapta sends instant alerts when prices drop. Launched in 2007, we pioneered the category of travel price assurance, and have delivered more than $650 million in savings alerts to businesses and consumers. Yapta guarantees bottom-line savings.

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