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Yapta Extends FareIQ Airfare Savings to Apollo GDS Customers

FareIQ logoYapta announced today that it has launched its Intelligent Price Tracking service, FareIQ, on the Apollo GDS platform.  With FareIQ, leading travel management corporations such as Omega World Travel, a global company headquartered in Fairfax, VA, and a number of large multi-national corporations are now able to achieve greater levels of airfare savings utilizing the Apollo GDS.

“By launching FareIQ on the Apollo GDS platform, we’ve broadened the market for our technology and opened the door to greater airfare savings for a number of large travel organizations,” said James Filsinger, Yapta President and CEO.  “We look forward to working with Apollo customers, and demonstrating the same level of airfare savings we’ve successfully delivered for companies that have used FareIQ on the Sabre GDS platform.”

FareIQ’s patent-pending Intelligent Price Tracking technology provides in-depth, 24×7 analysis and insights into corporate airfares, spotlighting opportunities to re-book tickets at lower prices, saving corporations crucial T&E dollars on a daily basis.  The solution integrates seamlessly with agents’ workflow by dynamically monitoring pricing on individual passenger name records (PNRs) that are placed on a queue by the corporation or its travel management company.  Upon recognizing a savings opportunity, FareIQ immediately issues a series of messages, including email alerts, a FareIQ web portal notification, and remarks posted directly in the PNR, that enables those savings to be acted upon by an agent or a travel manager.

Companies that have chosen to have their airfare prices tracked independently by FareIQ are seeing an opportunity to save on more than 11% of their overall itineraries – and are averaging real savings of $159 per itinerary.  To date, FareIQ customers have saved a combined total of more than $1 million in airfare.

“We take tremendous pride in working with our customers to strip away costs and make their travel operation more efficient,” said Joan Meagher, Vice President of Account Management at Omega World Travel. “FareIQ is proving to be an excellent source of savings that can have a dramatic impact on our clients’ airfare costs and bottom line.”

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