Yapta’s IQ Technology is Now Available Internationally

Yesterday, we released some really big news. Our team is so excited to announce that we have expanded our airfare and hotel pricing technology to all international points of sale.

This is HUGE! The announcement of world-wide availability comes after we received positive customer results during early adopted implementations in Canada, France, India, Spain and the UK.

Yapta’s existing 1200 customers in the U.S. (along with any future customers) now have the opportunity to seamlessly capture additional savings without impacting their travel programs. Preliminary results show an average combined savings of $317 per trip.

“Based on the significant bottom-line savings our customers have achieved in the US, support for international markets has been at the top of their wish list,” said Valerie Layman, Chief Product Officer at Yapta. “Our customers have signed up to achieve significant cost savings in 2017, and expanding their FareIQ and RoomIQ programs internationally will help them achieve their goals this year with minimal additional effort and no disruption to their travelers.”

Read the full press release here.