Complete Analytics to Optimize Supplier Negotiations and Policy Compliance

Yapta’s TravelAI brings you comprehensive point-of-sale visibility into your travel program’s performance.

With access to all available rates at time of booking, you immediately know whether suppliers are performing as contracted and how well your travelers are complying with policy.

TravelAI also aggregates anonymous hotel pricing data across the millions of travel itineraries tracked by Yapta, creating benchmarks by spend amount, geography, industry and supplier.

Save an additional 2-4%

on your travel spend by adding TravelAI to your suite of Yapta products

TravelAI: Supplier Utilization
Get a streamlined view of your program performance and where your opportunities are for greater savings.
TravelAI: Rate Performance & Benchmarking
Understand your markets and property rate performance – top markets, top contract and top non-contract properties.
TravelAI: Program Control
Gain actionable insights into how your contract rates are performing.

Supplier utilization & performance

Contract rate performance

Cost benchmarking

Travel policy effectiveness

In conjunction with Yapta’s RoomIQ and FareIQ dynamic price tracking technology, TravelAI’s point of sale data captures all available, booked, and contract rates.

Yapta’s exclusive data set allows you to truly understand where and why your rates are underperforming.

Yapta’s TravelAI is powerful and easy to use

Connects to major GDS systems for broadest data capture
Features intuitive Tableau visual analysis tools
Uses machine learning to identify cost savings opportunities

See how much you can save

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