Improve Travel Program Performance with TravelAI

Yapta’s TravelAI allows procurement teams and corporate travel managers to mine robust datasets of travel spend to identify new opportunities to reduce travel costs and enhance overall travel program performance.

TravelAI: Contract rate perfomance

Supplier utilization summary

Contract rate attainment

Booked rates compared to market benchmarks

TravelAI: Top Properties by Spend

Benchmarking and booked rate performance

Booked rates compared to all available “unrestricted” BAR and market benchmark rates at POS

Validates your booking performance

TravelAI: Point of Sale Rate Availability

POS rate availability

Booked rates compared to all available rates at POS

Pinpoints travel policy breakage or supplier misalignment

TravelAI discovers additional ways to reduce travel costs beyond dynamic price tracking:

Supplier utilization

Contract rate performance

Cost benchmarking

Travel policy effectiveness

Yapta TravelAI delivers airfare and hotel pricing data from the time of booking up until the time of travel for full visibility into prices throughout the travel lifecycle.

TravelAI gives travel managers advanced insights into global travel spend, traveler purchase patterns, supplier rate performance, and market price data at the city level.

Yapta’s TravelAI delivers remarkable insights

Captures available, booked, contract, and dynamic price data
Provides industry’s largest benchmark data set of point-of-sale prices
Features easy-to-use Tableau visual analysis tools
Uses machine learning to identify cost savings opportunities
Leverages AWS Redshift for scalability and data sovereignty
Connects to the most GDS sources for broadest data capture

Join the TravelAI Early Adopter program

Yapta is pleased to announce the availability of Yapta TravelAI to selected customers as part of an Early Adopter program. Customers interested in participating in the Yapta TravelAI Early Adopter must be current users of Yapta RoomIQ and have a sufficient volume of tracked hotel itineraries to meet the program requirements. Please provide your contact information and the Yapta TravelAI team will follow-up with you to evaluate your request for participation in the Early Adopter program.