Yapta Travel Advantage Series: Rethink Your Travel RFP

These are challenging times for travel professionals looking to streamline their RFPs and supplier negotiation processes. The hotel market is fragmented, with hundreds of companies expanding their brands and franchising activities. Prices remain high, with hotels preserving significant negotiation power. Air travel negotiations present another level of complexity—U.S. air carriers have consolidated significantly over the last decade, leaving fewer players with which buyers can negotiate.

rethink-your-travel-rfp-coverWith this in mind, there are four key questions that travel management and procurement professionals should address in order to optimize their airline and hotel RFP processes:

  • Does your travel data enable you to make the best negotiation decisions?
  • How can you access the most relevant and actionable data?
  • Are you achieving the best outcomes and avoiding time-consuming, low-return efforts?
  • Does your current RFP cycle and methodology still make sense?

We cover these questions and more in our latest Travel Advantage Series white paper: Rethink Your Travel RFP. By reading the full white paper, you will learn how to optimize RFP efforts and save more money by using advanced travel spend analytics and dynamic price tracking technology.

Download your copy of the white paper today.