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The Next Wave of Bag Fees is Building


If you think paying an additional fee to check your bags when you fly is absurd, you’re not going to like the latest trend that’s developing with baggage fees.

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air has started charging passengers a $35 fee per flight for carry-on luggage stowed in overhead bins beginning this week.  Allegiant Air becomes the second airline to levy such charges as Spirit Airlines began charging for use of the overhead bin two years ago.

As a result of the news, many travel pundits are now fearing a domino effect and see it only as a matter of time before other airlines will institute similar fees.

The new policy by Allegiant, a lower-cost carrier that predominantly flies to Sunbelt tourist areas, still allows passengers to bring aboard a small personal bag that must fit under the seat.  Larger carry-ons with a maximum weight of 25 pounds, will trigger the new fare.  Heavier bags must be checked and will be subject to a $35 fee if done at the airport and $15 – $30 if done online.

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