Are Trump’s Hotels Down in the Dumps?

Recently, Slate Magazine asked Yapta to provide data on the price of Trump’s hotel rooms over the last six months to see if the recent drop in price for the Washington DC property was driven by campaign theatrics or just a fluke.

As the leader in airfare and hotel room price tracking, Yapta was happy to pull this data to compare the room rates for several of Trump’s other hotels in New York (SoHo), Chicago, Toronto and Las Vegas.

It appears that (as the article aptly states) Trump hotels seem to be doing fine. As shown in the full article, prices for Trump hotels haven’t fluctuated much in the last year. Though it appears that while half of America is not fond of Donald Trump, the other half wouldn’t mind seeing him be President of the free world – which means all of the publicity surrounding Trump and the campaign could be the reason that his room rates haven’t changed all that much.

As for the corporate travel managers that are still booking with the Trump brand, it’s clear that politics will not influence their job of making sure their clients and colleagues are comfortable during business travel.

To see the data sets on the Trump properties that Yapta analyzed, read the full article here.