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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FareIQ?

From the time of ticketing to the day of departure, Yapta’s FareIQ dynamically monitors prices on ticketed airfares and instantly sends alerts when savings found in identical itineraries are significant enough to reticket.

What is RoomIQ?

Yapta’s RoomIQ dynamically monitors hotel bookings looking for price reductions and amenity gains (parking, internet, breakfast) on comparable rooms at the same hotel, sending instant alerts if savings found are significant enough to rebook.

What is TravelAI?

Yapta’s TravelAI provides comprehensive point-of-sale data visibility to identify sourcing, rate performance and policy issues. TravelAI answers key questions that help travel managers optimize their travel programs. With access to all available rates at the time of booking, you can immediately see whether suppliers are performing as contracted and how well your travelers are complying with policy. TravelAI also aggregates anonymous hotel pricing data across the millions of travel itineraries tracked by Yapta, creating valuable industry benchmarks.

What sort of savings does Yapta provide?

The savings available with FareIQ and RoomIQ are substantial—an average of $369 per trip. FareIQ identifies savings on 11 percent of tracked tickets with average savings of $260 per ticket. RoomIQ identifies savings on 12 percent of tracked bookings, with average savings of $109 per stay.

What is Yapta’s BestMatch for hotels?

With Yapta’s BestMatch, hotel price drop alerts are prioritized to indicate which will provide the greatest value based on your specific preferences. BestMatch criteria include rate code, bed type, room type, cancellation policy, and rate amenities. Yapta’s BestMatch enables your agents working RoomIQ savings alerts to quickly and accurately identify which savings opportunity is ideal for the specific customer without having to read the rules for multiple opportunities.

How do FareIQ and RoomIQ get access to my travelers’ itineraries?

You or your TMC places PNRs on a GDS queue specifically designated for FareIQ and RoomIQ. FareIQ and RoomIQ continually monitor this queue and automatically import any queued PNRs for price tracking.

Who retickets our airfare and rebooks our hotel rooms?

You or your TMC continue to maintain control of all itineraries. Yapta’s dynamic price assurance technology enables you to act on price drop alerts for air and hotel savings either manually or automatically.

How frequently do FareIQ and RoomIQ perform price checks?

It depends. By analyzing price fluctuation patterns in relation to itinerary characteristics, FareIQ algorithms determine how frequently price checks need to be performed, rather than simply checking at pre-defined times of the day. RoomIQ dynamically checks prices at set intervals when the booking is pulled in.

When does Yapta stop price checking?

For FareIQ, Yapta stops price checking 24 hours prior to departure. For RoomIQ, price checking stops approximately 1 day prior to check-in.

How are we informed about our price savings opportunities?

FareIQ and RoomIQ deliver price drop alerts in three ways. First, a savings alert email is sent to designated recipients (usually agents at your TMC). Second, the system writes a remark to the PNR with the details of the savings, and places the PNR on a savings queue to enable your agent to quickly and efficiently reticket or rebook. Third, the savings is captured within the FareIQ and RoomIQ 24/7 web-based portal.

Are travelers’ itineraries changed?

No. FareIQ identifies price drops on identical itineraries, allowing travelers to maintain the same carrier, travel dates, departure times, seat classes and preferences. RoomIQ sends alerts for savings on comparable room types at the same hotel, and shows any amenity differences.

Do we receive money back when a flight is reticketed at a lower fare?

FareIQ-alerted savings are typically received in the form of refunds (for fully refundable tickets) or credits with the airline for future travel. FareIQ also checks prices during the void window when nonrefundable tickets can be canceled without a penalty.

How does Yapta charge for its services?

Yapta’s compensation is usually based on a shared savings model.

With which global distribution systems do FareIQ and RoomIQ work?

FareIQ and RoomIQ work with Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo and Galileo.

Does Yapta track international itineraries?

Yes. The point of sale doesn’t matter to Yapta’s technology. As long as the booking is made on Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo or Galileo, Yapta will track it.

Does Yapta track negotiated rates?

Yes, FareIQ and RoomIQ track negotiated rates to ensure that you are gaining the best price advantages. RoomIQ does not alert to prices that aren’t relevant to corporate travelers, such as non-refundable, AAA or senior rates.

Are FareIQ or RoomIQ redundant to my TMC’s booking tools?

No. Our service works in conjunction with your TMC’s tools, and connects seamlessly with any travel management workflow or mid-office solution.

How long does it take to start using Yapta?

Yapta can generally get new clients up and running with FareIQ and/or RoomIQ within two weeks. Yapta’s experienced client services team makes sure your implementation is easy. Your TMC handles most of the implementation steps. You only need to select savings thresholds and preferences, and approve access to PNRs.

What sort of configuration options do I have for FareIQ and RoomIQ?

FareIQ and RoomIQ are configurable to your travel policies, with options such as savings notification thresholds, designated notification recipient(s), TMC access, refundable vs. nonrefundable and private fare vs. public airfare search parameters, preferred/negotiated hotel rate search parameters, assigned values for hotel amenities such as internet, parking and breakfast, and more.

How does Yapta protect my travelers' information?

At Yapta, the safety of your data is our most important priority. We maintain rigorous standards for security and compliance. Our strict controls and active use of security tools includes: Firewalls, SIEM, DLP, IPS, FDE, continuous data backups, malware protections and role-based restrictions—all of which work together to secure your data and our products. Yapta doesn’t store personal identifiable information (PII), PCI data, loyalty program information or passport details. Unlike other price tracking solutions, we never share data with third parties and data is always encrypted in transit and at-rest.

What type of reporting will I receive?

Yapta provides access to FareIQ and RoomIQ savings dashboards 24/7, as well as weekly and monthly reports. Weekly reports are client-specific summaries of the prior week’s spend tracked, active bookings, realized savings, conversion rate, and missed savings. Monthly reports are client-specific summaries for the prior month including operational savings detail, non-actioned savings, in/out void window summary, and in/out business hours summary.