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New Bill Calls For Transparent Airfare Pricing

transparent-pricingNew legislation was introduced in the House this week that is intended to restore transparency to the advertising of U.S. airline ticket prices, and ensure that airfare advertisements are not forced to hide the costs of government from consumers.  The Transparent Airfares Act of 2014 calls for advertisements for passenger air travel to state the base airfare and separately disclose any government imposed taxes and fees and the total cost of travel.

Most view the Bill is a good thing.  But there are those who think it’s bad for consumers.

Here’s some more travel news you can use:

  • Delta Air Lines is changing its frequent flyer program so that starting in 2015, customers will earn miles based on how much they spend, not just miles flown.  Delta is leaving the minimum number of miles needed for a U.S. trip at 25,000 miles and lowering requirements on some flights, especially international ones in business and first class.  Loyalty programs at Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and Virgin America are already based on spending, not miles.
  • Hey you… yeah you with the over-sized carry on.  You better watch out for United Airlines.  Beginning March 1st, the airline has started cracking down on carry-on bag size, forcing passengers to adhere to its rules and check oversize luggage.  United’s baggage-size rules aren’t new, but they are now being strictly enforced.  In case you’re wondering, the maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag on United flights are 14-by-22 inches and 9 inches deep, including handles, wheels and legs.
  • You might not have to bring a Subway sandwich or Starbucks frappuccino on your flights anymore. The LA Times writes in this post that several airlines are adding tastier and more improved food options to lure passengers to choose their airline over others.  Virgin America offers its first-class passengers a selection of hors d’oeuvres, such as olive and mozzarella cheese skewers and warm mixed nuts; the airline will add a signature ice cream flavor soon, too.  United Airlines also serves gluten-free items like sandwiches, salads and snack bars.