Company News

My Yapta is Shutting Down

After many years of providing customers with savings all across the world, My Yapta will be retired. The current plan is to stop supporting My Yapta after March 31st, 2020. After that point, you will no longer be able to search or track flights.

This will not affect Yapta’s Business Solutions FareIQ, RoomIQ, and TravelAI, which have been transitioned to Travel Saver for Air, Travel Saver for Hotel and Travel Saver Insights, respectively.

We appreciate all the travelers who used My Yapta and saved money. We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.


What will happen to my account?

After the shut down date, you will no longer be able to access your account. Any reservation you made should still be available through the original booking site.

What will happen to my data? Can I access my data after March 31st, 2020?

Any trip data stored on My Yapta will no longer be available.