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It Pays to Procrastinate?

milesIf you’re a frequent business traveler, you’re probably one of those that stockpiles reward miles on all your flights.  Well, airlines – like Southwest, Delta, and JetBlue – have made some significant changes that may impact the way you book your business flights in the future.  Under new airline policies that reward travelers based on fares, not distance, fliers looking to accumulate miles (or points) now have incentive to book expensive tickets close to the departure date rather than plan ahead with cheaper advance-purchase itineraries.

According to the, a recent poll showed that over 80% of corporate travel managers have expressed concerns that these changes will drive business travelers to wait until closer to the trip and purchase a ticket at a higher fare than if they had purchased it either 7 or 14 days in advance of the trip.  (Intelligence that can be mined by subscribing to FareIQ.)

Most businesses let employees keep frequent-flier miles or rewards accrued on business trips, a perk of being away from home.  High status brings upgrades and smoother travel.  Any move by companies to claim the miles may touch off a serious backlash.  More on this soap opera as it unfolds…

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  • A story about a teen boy surviving a 5.5 hour flight in a jet wheel well is making headlines.  However, what’s most surprising is that this sort of stowaway activity is more common then people may think.  The USA Today cites at least 4 instances since 2010.