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How to Avoid Half of All Flight Delays


Want to avoid a flight delay on your next trip?  Well, then avoid flying through New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia airports.  According to a report by the Government Accountability Office, nearly half of all delays in the nation occur at either JFK, La Guardia, Newark Liberty International, Philadelphia International or Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

According to the DOT, a flight is considered “on time” if it leaves or arrives at its gate within 15 minutes of its schedule.  While delays are caused for a variety of reasons, these airports are particularly susceptible to bad weather.  Snow or fog in this region can ground planes for hours in the winter, while summer storms frequently send airline schedules into disarray.

Here’s some more travel news you can use:

  • San Francisco International Airport recently opened a yoga room for harried travelers seeking a moment of peace following airport security.  SFO’s “Zen Room” is available to Virgin America and American Airlines passengers in Terminal 2.
  • Starting this past Thursday, the Department of Transportation began enforcing it’s “airfare transparency rule” – meaning airlines and travel agents must now disclose all taxes and fees in their advertised price.  This should put an end to a number of the flights you see advertised for $99 or less.
  • A 42 year-old man on a JetBlue flight from Ft. Lauderdale on Newark was arrested this week after smoking pot in the airplane bathroom.  He believed he had done nothing illegal because he has a medical marijuana card.  He simply must have missed that the pilot hadn’t turned off the “no joint” sign.