GBTA Convention 2017: Recap

GBTA 2017 has come and gone once again, with a hugely successful outcome for the Yapta team!

Here’s a recap of what went down during GBTA Convention 2017 in Boston:

Sunday, July 16th

GBTA Media Day

James Filsinger, Yapta’s President and CEO, announces the Best Match™ capability as part of our automated hotel rebooking initiative. Here’s the video from the announcement during Media Day:


Monday, July 17th

Education Session: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

We had several members of our Education Session audience join James on stage to play our version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. They had the chance to buzz in during the ‘fastest finger’ competition and then go on stage to compete for $1M (which was actually a $100 Amazon card). Here are some photos from the session: 

IMG_2622 (1)

IMG_2624 (1)

IMG_2633 (1)

Monday, July 17th

Center Stage Presentation

We had the opportunity to recognize and present three of our clients with awards for milestone savings (by using our products) – which totaled to $17 million. James was on stage to call out those travel managers and even had a video acceptance by GE – who have saved a whopping $10 MILLION! Watch the full video below: 


Monday, July 17th – Wednesday, July 19th

Exhibit Floor

All three days in the exhibit hall were a hit for the Yapta team. We had a couple of our customers at the booth with us to talk to prospective clients about the benefits of using our products – they were great advocates! Big thanks to Stephen Gheerow, Sharon McManus & Nicole Hohenstein for taking the time to do that. Between the constant booth traffic and Yapta swag giveaways, we think the booth was a hit this year. Many of our partners had incredible set-ups and a few companies had some very original ideas to grab buyers’ attention. Here’s a peek at what the exhibit hall looked like:

IMG_2688 (1)

IMG_2639 (1)

IMG_2641 (1)

IMG_2665 (1)

IMG_2667 (1)

IMG_2671 (1)

IMG_2653 (1)

Looking forward to GBTA 2018 in San Diego!