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FareIQ Intelligent Price Tracking® and airfare savings alerts

From the time of ticketing to the day of departure, FareIQ® dynamically monitors prices on ticketed airfares and instantly sends alerts when savings found on identical itineraries are significant enough to re-ticket.

Same carrier and cabin class
Same departure date and time
Real-time results on the FareIQ Savings Dashboard

How FareIQ works


The traveler’s experience remains the same

Your existing TMC maintains control of your itineraries and re-bookings. Travelers enjoy the same carrier, travel dates, departure times, seat classes and preferences.

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Simple setup and immediate results

Configurable savings alerts and workflow
Automatic import and sync of itineraries
Seamless with any travel management platform and workflow
Designed for the corporate market – negotiated rates, seat class and refundable/nonrefundable

Reporting: FareIQ Dashboard

Performance of negotiated vs. public fares


Comparison of refundable and non-refundable fares


Impact of the void window


Industry benchmarking

Reporting: Monthly Email Summaries

Historical performance

Missed opportunities

Reporting: O&D Airfare Volatility Index

FareIQ reporting includes real-time access to the savings dashboard, email summaries and comprehensive reports that detail both identified and realized savings.

FareIQ also provides essential data insights and information to facilitate supplier negotiations, including details on top O&Ds, and negotiated fares. The information can be correlated by airline and fare structure.

One easy setup. Two amazing tools. Maximum travel savings.

FareIQ + RoomIQ =

The total Yapta for Business solution. Learn about RoomIQ

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Combined air and hotel savings
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No additional effort

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