Have You Tipped Your TSA Agent Lately?

Those of us that travel must really love the TSA service.  You know, the pat-downs, the scans, and the sometimes glaring looks.  Judging by the tips we leave behind, they’re doing an excellent job and you really appreciate it.  What?  You’ve never tipped a TSA agent?  Think again. You may... Read More

You Like $45 Baggage Fees So Much, You May Get More

Florida-based Spirit Airlines was roundly criticized in August 2010 when it announced that it was going to be the first – and so far only – airline to charge passengers up to $45 in fees to stow carry-on luggage in overhead compartments.  A pair of federal lawmakers even threatened to... Read More

Anti-Holiday Travel Options Looking Good

Have you noticed that it’s more expensive to travel this holiday season, compared to last year?  Well, you’re right.  Not only does it cost more to fly to most destinations this holiday travel season, but the deals and the flights are extremely limited. The cost of the average domestic flights... Read More