The Best Week of the Year to Book a Cruise

If you’ve been thinking about taking a cruise, but didn’t think you could afford it – you may want to reconsider it next week.  The week of October 20-27 is National Cruise Vacation Week and most of the major names in the industry – like Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises,... Read More

National Rental Car Offers Free Rental Days

Looking to cut your rental car costs?  Well, National Rental Car is offering a free rental day after completing two qualifying rentals.  (They’re considering one “qualifying rental” as two or more days in a mid-sized car.)  National is calling the promotion OneTwoFree and it runs through the end of January.... Read More

Airfare Prices Dropping In Time for the Holidays?

According to research firm Innovata, airplane capacity is once again on the rise.  Between October and December it estimates that U.S. airlines will offer 1.3 percent more flights to travelers.  So, why should you care?  Well, eliminating capacity (the number of planes flying to duplicate destinations) was a technique airlines used... Read More

Yapta Extends FareIQ Airfare Savings to Apollo GDS Customers

Yapta announced today that it has launched its Intelligent Price Tracking service, FareIQ, on the Apollo GDS platform.  With FareIQ, leading travel management corporations such as Omega World Travel, a global company headquartered in Fairfax, VA, and a number of large multi-national corporations are now able to achieve greater levels... Read More

Hot Days in NYC Mean Cheap jetBlue Flights

jetBlue is cashing in on the summer heat in New York City, offering  90% off on some tickets on days the temperature hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  On days the thermostat reaches 90 degrees in Central Park, jetBlue will release the Hot Seats promo codes.  The tickets are good for round-trips... Read More

Yapta’s FareIQ Customers Save $1 Million on Airfare

Yapta announced a milestone earlier this week.   It’s enterprise customers using FareIQ, Yapta’s corporate airfare price tracking solution, have saved a combined total of more than $1 million in airfare.  To date, companies that have chosen to have their airfare prices tracked independently by FareIQ have saved an average... Read More

Another jetBlue 48-hour Sale Announced

jetBlue today announced a 48-hour sale, called “The Once-In-A-Blue-June Sale,” that is offering one-way flights starting at $74.  It’s pretty rare that jetBlue launches a second 48-hour sale in a single month – which may be why they are riffing from the “once in a blue moon” adage – so... Read More

jetBlue Kicks Off 48-Hour Travel-Bug Sale

If you like things short and sweet, then you’ll appreciate the 48-hour “Travel-Bug Sale” that jetBlue launched today.  The airline has got one-way fares to a number of their destinations starting at $59.  For example, a flight from New York (JFK) to Martha’s Vineyard (MVY) is only $59 – which... Read More