Airline Baggage & Change Fees Working Too Well?

According to recent data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation, domestic airlines collected $6.16 billion in baggage and change fees in 2013.  That’s up from $6.04 billion in 2012.  Baggage fees accounted for $3.35 billion, while reservation change fees added up to $2.81 billion.  These ancillary fees helped the 26... Read More

It Pays to Procrastinate?

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you’re probably one of those that stockpiles reward miles on all your flights.  Well, airlines – like Southwest, Delta, and JetBlue – have made some significant changes that may impact the way you book your business flights in the future.  Under new airline policies... Read More

Delta Announces In-Flight Mentoring Program

Delta Air Lines has announced a unique in-flight mentoring program – called “Delta Innovation Class” – intended to help up-and-coming professionals take advantage of their flight time with some of “the smartest people in the world” – including leaders in technology, science, the arts and more. This mentoring program works... Read More

New Bill Calls For Transparent Airfare Pricing

New legislation was introduced in the House this week that is intended to restore transparency to the advertising of U.S. airline ticket prices, and ensure that airfare advertisements are not forced to hide the costs of government from consumers.  The Transparent Airfares Act of 2014 calls for advertisements for passenger... Read More

Airline Rewards Programs Ranked For the First Time

Frequent travelers looking to make the most of their miles may want to pay attention to the results of the inaugural Mile Satisfaction Survey from   According to the survey that compares the five largest U.S. frequent flier programs (which represent about 90% of frequent flier members at U.S.... Read More

Your Guide to JetBlue Wi-Fi

now has nine Airbus A320s hooked up with Fly-Fi, and they’ve released a handy-dandy updated list of Fly-Fi routes those aircraft will operate. It’s a growing list, with nearly 35 daily flights able to go about their internet business as usual from 35,000′. If you’re a busy business traveler and... Read More

2014: The Year of In-Flight Communication

2014 is certainly shaping up to be the year of in-flight communication. JetBlue recently debuted its new Wi-Fi offering, called “Simply Surf,” which will provide basic internet service that’s free to passengers until June 2014.  There is also a premium service offering, called “Fly-Fi Plus,” which is reported to be... Read More

TSA Collects $531,395 in Loose Change

Ever leave a few coins behind in the bins at airport security?  If so, you’re apparently not the only one.  Last year alone, the TSA collected $531,395.22 in change left behind at checkpoints.  Yes, a half mil!  According to reports, the agency collected about $499,000 in U.S. currency, and another... Read More

Airlines Ease Restrictions on Electronic Devices

Since the FAA ruled that radio signals from personal electronic devices didn’t pose a threat to aircraft safety during takeoff and landing, the majority of airlines have quickly changed their policies.  Delta, JetBlue, American, United, Alaska, US Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Virgin America have all loosened their restrictions on the use... Read More

Yapta Signs Reseller Agreement with CWT

Big news!  Earlier today, CWT announced that it has launched a new airfare tracking solution, powered by Yapta FareIQ, that will provide U.S.-based clients the opportunity to capture savings when booked airfares drop in price.  Here’s what was announced in their press release: “We are committed to providing our clients... Read More