Southwest Kicks Off Winter Airfare Sale

They’re herrrre!  Winter airfare sales have started becoming available, making now an excellent time to consider planning your next ski trip or snow-bird getaway.  Southwest airlines today announced some of their lowest one-way fares of the season, as low as $49, $99 and $149.  The Southwest sale runs through October... Read More

What’s Behind the Airline Passenger Recline Rage?

In recent weeks there have been a handful flights that have reported passenger disputes over reclining seats.  While the reclining seat issue is no doubt a forward and back debate, one thing is for certain: there’s a real sense of recline rage that’s emerging among today’s passengers.  But is this... Read More

Should You Start to Expect Less Customer Service?

According to a recent report on NPR, restaurants and hotels are posting new job openings faster than they can fill them.  In periods when the broader job market is bleak, jobs in this sector tend to get snapped up quickly. While this is a promising sign for the economy – indicating... Read More

Yapta Launches RoomIQ for Corporate Hotel Price Tracking

It’s an exiting day here at Yapta as today we’ve announced the beta launch of RoomIQ, a dynamic hotel price tracking solution designed exclusively for corporate travel organizations.  RoomIQ, developed in cooperation with Yapta’s Customer Advisory Board members and early beta partners, automatically tracks corporate hotel reservations and sends price drop alerts... Read More

Airfare Sales Blooming in June

Everyone knows that a good deal on airfare is hard to find.  It often requires some time, effort (research) and persistence to ferret them out.  That said, there have been a few sales that have bubbled to the surface in recent days that we thought we’d pass along to make... Read More

Your Luggage Can Outsmart Your Airline

There will be a day when your luggage is smarter than your airline.  Want proof?  At a recent company event, AT&T showcased “Smart Luggage” with embedded GPS technology that lets you track the suitcase’s whereabouts – even when your airline doesn’t know its location.  Using Smart Luggage, you get an... Read More
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