Case Study | ABB Inc. Gains Big Airfare & Hotel Savings with FareIQ & RoomIQ

In 2015, ABB North America turned to automation to make its own operation more efficient by introducing airfare and hotel price tracking technology from Yapta to identify and capture valuable cost savings.



Reduction in travel spend
(airfare & hotel)


Total program identified savings


Total program realized savings


Average realized savings per trip


ABB, Inc., a pioneering technology leader in power and automation, has operations in approximately 100 countries and 132,000 employees worldwide. Its solutions are known for improving the efficiency, productivity and quality of its customers’ operations.

The Implementation

The travel program at ABB North America is unique compared to most other large enterprise travel programs in that it handles almost all travel management functions internally. In collaboration with HRG, ABB North America also employs after hours and overflow phone coverage, mid-office programming, as well as benchmarking. Yapta structured a price tracking system that alerted ABB agents directly when there was a savings opportunity that needed to be acted upon.

Out of the gate, ABB launched FareIQ to monitor airfare prices – then a few months later, it implemented RoomIQ to track the company’s hotel rates. With frequent travel to Scandinavian destinations, as well as Zurich – where ABB is headquartered, the company was particularly focused on reigning in its international travel costs.


In just over a year, ABB has realized approximately $700,000 in savings on its combined airfare and hotel spend. On the airfare side, the company sees an average realized savings of $122 per rebooking – and on the hotel side, the company has lowered its ADR by $2, from $133 to $131.

“It’s a win-win situation with Yapta,” said Suzanne Mush, Manager of North American Travel Operations at ABB. “We’re very concentrated on the savings, but we don’t pay until we save – so for us, it’s a no-brainer. Looking at what Yapta can save you, I don’t know how you could choose not to use it.”

ABB’s travelers quickly adapted to its price tracking effort.

“When we first started out, we used to email our travelers to let them know about the re-booking process. We’ve moved away from that as it was a lot of emails – and after a while the travelers knew what was happening when we re-booked them at a lower rate. They think it’s great that we’re using Yapta to save.”

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