Behind The Scenes: Yapta’s Customer Testimonials

We recently posted a recap about the 2017 Yapta CAB Meeting that took place in February. While our main objective of this 2-day event was to gather customer feedback, we had an exciting side project in the works that also took place during the Customer Advisory Board meeting.

We were lucky enough to have a couple customers willing to share their experience with Yapta – on camera. We enlisted an awesome video production company in Austin to come out to our event site (Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa) and film two of our customer advisory board members. Our President and CEO was also part of this project, he sat down to give his unique perspective on our company’s position in the industry.

First up was Stephen Gheerow, Travel Services Manager at Ford Foundation. Stephen has always been an incredible advocate for Yapta, so it was no surprise that he rocked his interview. After filming, he decided to play a little prank on the next customer to be interviewed, by re-entering the meeting and shocking the room with some *extreme* makeup.

Photo Feb 22, 1 04 00 PM

Next in the hot seat was Francine Crisostomo, Travel Operations Manager (North America) at Oracle. Francine provided a thoughtful and powerful testimonial that we are proud to share with our current and prospective clients. Francine touched on the immediate results their travel program saw and how the traveler experience has remained the same since implementing FareIQ.

Photo Feb 22, 1 34 28 PM

Finally, we had our own James Filsinger sit down for a chat about Yapta’s influence in the corporate travel space, our relationship with customers and his defining moments as Yapta’s CEO. James said, “what’s special about Yapta is that we’re the only ones in the industry that provide total trip assurance. I’ve been in the travel technology space for over 20 years and what attracted me to come to Yapta four and a half years ago or so was that I hadn’t seen anything like it.”


In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing the full customer testimonial videos on our website and sharing across our social channels. Stay tuned!