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AirTran Puts Golf Destinations on Sale

Airtran Golf SaleIf you’re a golfer, AirTran has got a deal that will make you scream Fore!  The airline is currently conducting the “Greens Mean Go!” sale, which offers airfare to a number of domestic golf destinations at a steep discount.  The sale ends on Thursday, March 28 – and if you’re late, there’s no mulligans.  Travel is good through June 8th, so that spring golf trip you’ve been thinking about could be a real possibility. There are a few blackout dates (April 19, 21 and May 17 & 19), but you’ll definitely land softly on the green.

Here’s some more travel news you can use:

  • JetBlue announced that it plans to offer its passengers a free satellite-based Wi-Fi service that is “significantly faster” than other in-flight Wi-Fi. The airline’s internet service, powered by Excede, claims to be more than twice as fast as any other in-flight Wi-Fi service. But before you get all excited to get your stream on, JetBlue also noted that you’ll need to pay for the Wi-Fi if you want to stream movies or “other entertainment”.
  • One of United Airlines’ frequent-flier members is suing the carrier on claims that the company is not awarding customers full credit for the actual number of miles for their flights. He accuses the airline of awarding mileage “closer to the direct distance (i.e., a straight line point-to-point irrespective of flight route) between the origin and the destination instead of the actually-flown miles for each flight.  Reports indicate that his claim might have some teeth – so if you’re a United Airlines frequent-flier member, you may want to pay attention to how this case unfolds.  You might be able to get your just rewards too.
  • Speaking of rewards, if you’re the type that prefers to stay at independently-run hotels, instead of the big chains, you should check out Stash Hotel Rewards.  It’s a hotel rewards program for independent hotels where members can earn and redeem points for free nights at one-of-a-kind properties.  (Five stays will typically get you a free room.) There are nearly 200 hotels across the U.S. that offer the rewards program – and there’s never any blackout dates for redemption.  Just another nice way to save!
  • American Airlines has begun testing a new boarding process that would let passengers with no carry-on bags board earlier.